Happy Earth Day- Bats, Art & Recycling!

Happy Earth Day- Bats, Art & Recycling!

Although the U.S. Virgin Islands are beautiful, preventing environmental damage is still a work in progress with a local recycling center making progress!

 50% of the sales from my Caribbean Petroglyph Palettes goes to the support of the island's upcoming recycling location with Island Green Living. 

My Petroglyph Palettes start out as my palette for paintings that I do on the beach.  Once I'm done with the painting on the beach, the palette gets little St John Petroglyphs added to it: 

"A Flock of Island Bats" sold on 4/13/2022

Thank you for your support Jeff Wright!

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The St John Petroglyph is a symbol that was carved into stone on this little island thousands of years ago. This petroglyph is said to take the shape of the nose of a bat, according to the natives, the animal was said to carry the spirits of ancestors. It is now the widely observed as a symbol representing St John.

Thank you for joining in gratitude to this beautiful place.  There is so much that these islands give, giving back is a valuable legacy to leave. 

Tune in this weekend on Social Media, I'll be playing music on St Croix Friday and Saturday night as well as hosting a Paint & Sip Sunday.  Be sure to get in touch if you would like more information about joining in the fun!

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