St Croix Art Invasion by Porschia!

St Croix Art Invasion by Porschia!

 Feeling some satisfaction after a successful weekend of hard work! I need to do a lot of preparation to travel for work from from my home on St John. Some of the things I did while on my neighbor island of St Croix were playing music at a beautiful resort called The Fred, painting art for a beautiful friend, and teaching an art class for 25 students!


I want to encourage others to work towards your passions and let yourself be inspired to live out your deepest desires. This painting is dedicated to Rudy, the person who is painted into the piece. His drive and passion for pursuing a loving, honest and artistic life is what inspired this and it is my favorite painting to date! Thank you for the inspiration my friend! 


I'm looking forward to more exciting adventures collaborating with my fellow art lovers!

Message me if you'd like more information about having me help you make an artistic dream a reality!


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