How to Print Your Own Coloring / Cook Book Affordably- Gift Ideas

How to Print Your Own Coloring / Cook Book Affordably- Gift Ideas

Who else has wanted a creative solution and outlet??  I have been scouring the internet for printing options, not for hours, not days, but weeks.  And I'm so excited to share my findings. 

Fun Ideas:

  • Coloring book
  • Children's book 
  • Cookbook
  • Family Tree History
  • Stickers
  • Non-Profit Raffle Ticketsnon-profit print your own raffle tickets fundraiser ideas inspiration

I know so many creative people that have the ideas and just need someone to help with the artistic side of things.  If you have a dream of creating something that you'd like to share with the world, please allow me to see if I can help. I would be happy to discuss projects that would enable you to have your ideas heard and seen.  

This is a GREAT time to start thinking about special gifts for the holidays! 

 I appreciate the printing services out there like Vistaprint that people can use to make smaller projects- a few greeting cards, a handful of magnets, etc.  And a lot of the time things are either costly, made in China and/or with materials that are super cheap. 


I have finally found a company that I want to order with, their customer service rocks and they offer great deals and the option of high quantity printing. 

Some people ask to be paid to share their connections and if you feel inspired to work with these guys, I'm not charging for the tip, I'm asking that you use my referral.  Just follow the link or instructions below for your discounts and return the favor by helping me get some as well:


  • Print Your Art on merchandise coloring books greeting cards magnets stickers
Customer ID #174249 (Make sure to paste in the "Referred By" box when signing up).


Coming soon, I just ordered greeting cards! I'm so excited to share my mermaid cards, sea turtle cards and fishy cards!  I'll have some special deals coming soon to celebrate when they're available!

Thank you for following the journey, please enjoy my various social media outlets and let's work together on your creative project!



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