The Ants Are Coming!

The Ants Are Coming!

I don't pack light! On a day of beach painting, I bring my art gear, homemade food for friends to share, drinks, film gear, blankets, the puppy and all her gear, musical instruments, beach toys!  After getting everything to the beach, I set up under a beautiful shade tree. 

When I finally sit down to paint, the ants tickle me as I try to keep still and paint the tiny details. The breeze in the trees and sounds of the ocean accompany me. People are laughing and playing, our dog Spanky runs around having the best day ever, and all of that energy seems to energize the art that I create in those moments.

I finish the piece with the final touches of light on the water and scratch my name into the wet paint.  The oil paint won't dry for days, carrying the precious piece out without the wind catching is my final task.  I set it down in my home studio to dry and be enjoyed until I send it off to a good home.

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