Inspiration for Sculpture

Inspiration for Sculpture

There was once a pottery company that kept a small island alive and well during the 1920s and 1930s as the great depression affected the world.  Just off the California coast, Catalina Island Pottery was operated using clay found on the island.  Having lived on Catalina for 18 years prior to moving to St John VI, my previous home's pottery and history is nostalgic for me.  While living on Catalina, I designed and created the painting above, "Catalina Nostalgia", using historic items from the island including a 1930's Catalina Pottery flower vase. As you can see from the sketch above, one of my next sculpture projects will be to recreate the flower vase with inspiration from Saint John. The piece will have a removeable, sculpted seashell feature that will reveal a hidden chamber.


Above is my painting that was created with local St Johnian model, Jalayne, posing for the piece entitled, "Mango Island Girl". She is holding a mango under one of our mango trees and surrounded by a food forest.  This piece is the inspiration for the upcoming sculpture shown in the sketch above.     

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