Porschia Denning Artist on St John USVI Stained Glass Murals Portraits Oil Painting Sea Turtle US Virgin Islands

Website Wednesdays

I have a tendency to create a thing when I need it rather than purchasing it pre-made or hiring someone to do it.  And living on a small island in the Caribbean, you can't get a lot of things that are conveniently obtained in the states. When I want a new piece of furniture, I can either have the over-priced hunk of junk that someone is selling on the island, pay an exorbitant price to get it here in a shipping container, OR I can make it myself.  This has made me learn how to- make a couch, become a graphic designer, cook gourmet vegan meals, and now- how to create a website. Getting this website off the ground has become a new chapter in educating myself how to create something.  I've been calling it Website Wednesdays, and I highly encourage the idea of commiting one day a week to learning something new. There may be some bumps in the road, but after so many requests for purchasing my art online, here it is.  This is an exciting journey that I look forward to growing through, I'm grateful to those who have been my cheerleaders and supporters along the way.  It's so fun to take a step like this together.  Thank you for your business and for getting to know my journey a little bit better here at artbyporschia.com!

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