Live Wedding Art

Custom Wedding paintings of either the ceremony or the reception are painted on site with the artist arriving a few hours ahead of time to create the background. The artist adds up to 10 key people as well as additional key elements such as wedding cake, pets, landmarks, and background event guests. Reception guests are able to see the progress on the large canvas throughout the event!

The piece is finished in greater detail after the event and shipped at an additional cost.

Setup needed will be a 4’x4’ space, water access, and meal with the caterer.

A retainer payment of 25% of the total cost is required to reserve the date. That cost may vary depending on the size of the painting and the number of people included. The remaining balance may be paid in my standard schedule of 3 more 25% payments, or can be split into smaller, more frequent payments. I will work with you on a payment schedule that works for you. The last payment is due on or before the wedding date. Shipping is included and travel expenses at an additional charge.

High quality cards are available at $5 per card after completion to be used as thank you cards.