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Art By Porschia

Anchored Sailor At Johnson's Bay 4"x6" Framed Oil on wood panel

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The hardest part about painting a piece like this is the ever changing weather on St John!  The wind can blow the canvas off of my easel not to mention the random rain showers that pass by while I scurry with everything under a tree! 

I finished the piece with the final touches of light on the water and sign my name.  The oil paint doesn't dry for days, carrying the precious piece out without the wind catching it is my final task.  I find a safe spot for it in my home studio to dry and be enjoyed until I send it off to a good home.

I love looking at this piece and remembering the feeling of excitement- racing to finish before the rain caught me, catching the piece from flying away with the wind, and the churning water moving over the shore.   All coming together to form a scene that I hope evokes peace, warmth, and the vibrancy of my Caribbean home.