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Art By Porschia

Peacock Ceramic Pendant Light

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This vibrant turquoise, blue and green pendant light is a ceramic piece of art created by Porschia using a a pottery wheel and various carving tools. 

At 7" in height, including the wooden fixture, the openings give a small window allowing the viewer to see the nostalgic vintage light bulb shining through. 

Hand signed by the artist, this piece reads, "Porschia Denning St John USVI 2022" and includes a small petroglyph design. This Petroglyph is a symbol of the small Caribbean Island where the design was once carved in stone thousands of years ago and has become a well-known badge of honor for those who love St John. 

The chord is approximately 15' and includes a black switch, the beige cloth chord is a subtle touch which makes this light feature elegant and refined.